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The endorsement and application step for the PFA Elections has now passed. One endorsement application for each position, President and Secretary, has been submitted and accepted. Therefore, per the By-Laws (Article 9, Section 5) no election is necessary. The PFA Board would like to congratulate Mark Milson for his appointment as President. Mark will be seated at the next PFA meeting to be announced shortly. This will take place as soon as possible to fill the vacated position. The PFA board would also like to congratulate Landon D’Antonio on his appointment to the Secretaries position. Landen will be seated in December after the current Secretary wraps up his term.
Please join us in congratulating our new Board Members!

4742 Members,

In October we’ll be holding elections for the President and Secretary positions.  This cycle will be moved up by one month due to the vacancy of the President. The elected President will assume the position in October and the Secretary will transition in December. This will give the new Secretary time to transition into their new role. If you are interested in either of these positions here’s a timeline to follow:

October 1:

Due date to submit endorsement form with 5 endorsements (found on website
The Endorsement form will be used as your application.

October 7th:

Deadline to submit a Campaign Statement (optional)
This will be sent to everyone and put on the Union Website

October 14th:

The board of directors will examine each application for minimum qualifications

October 15th – October 21st

Elections will be held and voting will be held open until October 21st.

All submittal of the necessary guidelines above shall be received by the Union Secretary no later than the timeframe established.  I look forward to this election process and I hope we have full participation of the membership.


Best Regards,

Robert Simpson