2019 AVPFA Elections


Congratulations to Shane Simpson for continuing as the Union President.
He was unopposed and will serve for 2 more years.

On December 1st @ 0600 an election will go live for the Union Secretary position.
This will run for 7 days and end on December 7th at 1700.
(Come Back to this Page for Voting starting December 1st 0600)


There are 3 candidates running for the position:

  1. Shant Barmaksyan
  2. Joe Dillow
  3. Mark Milson


Below find Candidate statements if submitted:

Shant Barmaksyan

I, Firefighter/Paramedic Shant Barmaksyan  am running for the Secretary position for our union. Why would I be the right person for this position? I am, and have always been willing to look at issues and topics from a fair point of view. I am interested in what is beneficial for every member of our union, no matter their age, or rank. If I was to be in a position where an outcome was to only benefit me or a small portion of union members, and left a large portion of members not benefiting from that decision, that is something I would take a second look at. Although I am young and lack much fire/life experience, I am more than willing to listen to another members different opinion, that may be different then mine. After all, another persons opinion could shed light on a side of a story I had not yet considered. I am also willing to put in the work that needs to be done. I look forward to the interesting challenges that come with the position, should I be elected.