If you have questions, please reach out!

This is what the Negotiations Committee has decided on moving forward with negotiations:

  • 1 Year contract extension – The District is wanting a Contract extension due to COVID-19 uncertainties as well as a new Fire Chief coming in.
  • Wage increase of 5% as a COLA
  • Eliminate step “A” – This is to help with recruitment and retention.
  • Eliminate the Limited Term Firefighter verbiage – This allows our members to fill the first vacancy and ensures we are fully staffed with Full Time Professional Firefighters.
  • Add language allowing an appeal when management places someone during Shift Bids.

Here is a summary of what we discussed at today’s PFA meeting.

  • Our Negotiations representative from Mastagni submitted an information request on January 25th to the District which included the following:
    • Current financial information.
    • Employee information
    • Retirement information
    • Grievances and other relevant information
  • Here are some of the important financial information:
    • In preparation for COVID-19 the District rolled the 2019/20 budget into the 2020/21 budget meaning they did not increase projected revenues like they normally would. They also removed the annual $500,000 payment from the CIP fund.
      • As of January 2021 the District is on Par with the budgeted revenues meaning the District did a good job preparing for COVID-19 financially.
    • Total revenues decreased by 2% or $365,964 from 2019.
      • District budget states decreases are largely due to fluctuations in mutual aid reimbursement due to decrease in mutual aid activity in 2020 fiscal year
    • General expenses increased 11.5% or $1,420,222 from 2019
      • This is due to Salaries and Benefits increases, rising unfunded pension costs, and purchases of the Pierce Ladder Truck in 2020
    • The District is expecting a minimum of 4% growth in property taxes moving forward.
  • The goal is to extend the contract by 1 year with the above stipulations. This would allow all the delayed taxes to come in as well as anticipated growth to come to fruition giving us better foundation to negotiation off of.

Please review the PowerPoint  on the Band App and reach out if you have questions on why we are looking for an extension. Once you feel confident please make a vote via the Website.