In an interest to improve our relationship with the District management we have come to the realization that a side letter to the current MOU is needed.

The reason for the side letter is to set a clear process for the shift bid process as well as the process for placing members at station 336. Currently the MOU states that we the members of L4742 control the bid process and submit a completed bid sheet to the District. Once we submit the completed bid sheet the District will then make any movement or placements as the FC deems appropriate. While they will provide union leadership with good reasoning for any movement it is not subject to grievance or appeal.  Meaning that you or someone from the crew of your chosen bid can be moved, potentially affecting the choices made to bid in chosen spots. (Example: FF. Franco bids to station 334 on C shift with Cpt. Malloy, the District then moves Cpt. Malloy to the truck on C shift replacing him with Cpt. Milson at 334. FF. Franco potentially is no longer happy with his bid working for a different Captain. Effectively denying him a true bid.)

The District and your Union leadership have come together to find a better process. The side letter we are asking the members to vote on explains the changes to the MOU without having to open the MOU for negotiations.

The side letter makes the process work like this, the District will seek interest from the members who are interested in working at 336 as part of the Training Division and the responsibilities that it holds. Once the interest is collected the District will evaluate the candidates and make the placements they see appropriate. Once the station 336 personnel are placed the District will give us a bid sheet with all the available bid spots. With this new process it is clear how to get to 336 in the Training Division and it is clear that when you bid it is a very low chance that you or another from your chosen bid crew will be moved allowing a more true bid process. The side letter will be placed on to the website for review by all and a vote will be sent out to see if the membership agrees to the side letter. If after a majority vote of voters responding the side letter is not accepted the process will remain the same and unchanged. If the side letter is agreed upon by majority of voters responding it would take affect once signed and by the process for the bid taking place on November 5 th 2022 for the 2023 calendar year bid cycle.

Let me know if you have questions or need further explanation.

4742 side letter

The endorsement and application step for the PFA Elections has now passed. One endorsement application for each position, President and Secretary, has been submitted and accepted. Therefore, per the By-Laws (Article 9, Section 5) no election is necessary. The PFA Board would like to congratulate Mark Milson for his appointment as President. Mark will be seated at the next PFA meeting to be announced shortly. This will take place as soon as possible to fill the vacated position. The PFA board would also like to congratulate Landon D’Antonio on his appointment to the Secretaries position. Landen will be seated in December after the current Secretary wraps up his term.
Please join us in congratulating our new Board Members!

4742 Members,

In October we’ll be holding elections for the President and Secretary positions.  This cycle will be moved up by one month due to the vacancy of the President. The elected President will assume the position in October and the Secretary will transition in December. This will give the new Secretary time to transition into their new role. If you are interested in either of these positions here’s a timeline to follow:

October 1:

Due date to submit endorsement form with 5 endorsements (found on website
The Endorsement form will be used as your application.

October 7th:

Deadline to submit a Campaign Statement (optional)
This will be sent to everyone and put on the Union Website

October 14th:

The board of directors will examine each application for minimum qualifications

October 15th – October 21st

Elections will be held and voting will be held open until October 21st.

All submittal of the necessary guidelines above shall be received by the Union Secretary no later than the timeframe established.  I look forward to this election process and I hope we have full participation of the membership.


Best Regards,

Robert Simpson

Your A_V_Firefighters handed a check for $3000.00 to the Orenda Foundation. We were able to do this because of the very successful 1st annual Summer Burnout Car Show. Thanks to all who made this fund raising event so successful. Once again we’re humbled by the out pouring of support our community shows us.

Your Apple Valley Firefighters
are proud to present
The 1st Annual
Summer Burnout Car Show!

This car show will take place August 24th, 2019 at Maxwell’s Burgers in Apple Valley.
It will benefit local Veterans at the Orenda Foundation.

Mark your calendars, tell your friends and bring out those beautiful cars to show off.

Beer Garden – Street Food – Live Music
Raffles/Prizes – Custom Trophies
Games & Fun for Families

Please share this post with all your friends and social media outlets.
Registration forms can be found on our website
Also at AV Fire Headquarters @ 22400 Headquarters Dr. Apple Valley Ca. 92307

Click for our Registration Form

Download more information Here

The Apple Valley Professional Firefighters Association is proud to inform our community of what is going on with your Fire District. Upon the successful passing of Measure A, thanks to the support of the community, our District has grown and evolved. This growth has allowed us to have more of a presence in our community and provide the Town and its citizens the care and support they are so deserving of. Again, we your firefighters want to thank you for your support. You supported us and we’re here to support you.
This November two (2) seats on the Apple Valley Fire District Governing Board are set to expire. Your firefighters were very proactive to find qualified candidates that will not only represent you, the local citizen, but also to find candidates that can move our District forward into the future.
This is why your firefighters endorse Colleen Kuhn and Ronald (Aaron) Conley for the Apple Valley Fire District Governing Board. These candidates have a history in public service and have the knowledge to understand how your Fire District operates, but also the ability to ensure your Fire District continues to serve the community to its fullest potential. In the coming weeks and days we’ll be posting more information on these two experienced candidates. Please click on the links below to learn more about these candidates and check back often.
We hope you support:

Colleen Kuhn

Ronald (Aaron) Conley